Doggie Day Care

Day Care

Our new doggie day care service offers dogs a fully supervised, fun-packed day, in a home from home environment, giving owners an easy, affordable way of keeping their dogs stimulated, socialised and fully exercised in a safe and secure location whilst they are away from home.

We now have 2 options for day care, our original kennel style day care where dogs fit into the boarders routine of 3 walks each day, or our NEW open plan home from home style day care with sofas and fully supervised play all day long. We also have a new outdoor activity area for the day care dogs, as well as our acre paddock and farm for even more fun and the opportunity to really let off steam.

The home from home style is ideal for puppies and all other sociable dogs and is a great way to build their confidence and independence. Alternatively, for less sociable dogs, the kennel day care still offers lots of play and exercise and you can rest assured that your dog is safe and being cared for whilst you are at work.

We are happy to cater for one-off or intermittent occasions or on a regular basis (discounts apply for regular day care). It could be that you work long hours, or you just want the freedom to go out for the day and not have to rush back at lunchtime because your dog is anxious and destructive. We can give you peace of mind knowing your dog will be fully stimulated, exercised and loved whilst they're with us. At the end of a long day, you won't need to worry about having to fit in a long walk, so you can enjoy your evening relaxing and bonding with your dog.

My little boy has been going to Spatchcock Kennels for a few months now. To say that I was nervous and it felt like one of the most important decisions for him and me was an understatement. Knowing that he was safe and happy meant everything to me. My dog is my world and my work means that I wanted him to have more some days, than just me and my laptop and our daily walks. Within minutes Lynne put me at ease and I felt reassured. An exceptional service that is kindly bespoke and flexible and tailored to your individual dogs needs. Brilliant if you need care whilst at work or simply a day or few days a week to build your dogs confidence, variety, development and sociability every week. Would highly recommend for any dog.

Amanda Kerr

My puppy has been going to Spatchcock for a couple of months now and I couldn't be happier with her progress. She loves it there so much that she bolts from the car the second I open the door and runs to greet everyone. The staff are all fantastic and very accommodating to Eppy's needs. Eppy has benefitted massively from attending day care. Her social skills with other dogs is now so amazing that we are both more confident out on walks.

Sinead McFarlane

Teddy adores Lynne and the team. He sits waiting at the door to get personally picked up for a day full of love and fun. He has developed immensely due to their kindness and care. Thank you.

Tracey Hollas

If your dogs are boarding with us in the kennels, you can add sessions with the day care dogs at a reduced rate to give them even more fun during their time with us

Day Care

Doggie day care is a cost effective option for customers compared to employing a dog walker to take your dog out for an hour each day, leaving them unfulfilled and alone for the rest of the day. Our doggy day care offers a full day with us in a safe and secure, loving environment allowing your dog to work off all their energy and be thoroughly spoilt.

We ensure that the dogs in our care have the right mix of exercise, rest, stimulation, fun, socialisation, cuddles, treats and love.

Each day of supervised doggy day care includes play inside with cuddles on the sofas, regular outings into the activity area (minimum 3 times each day) plus 2 half hour sessions in the secure acre paddock or around the farm.

Being located in beautiful farmland, dogs love the plethora of smells in the fields, so together with supervised playtime, there is plenty to stimulate interest and keep their brains as well as their bodies active.

We understand that not all dogs enjoy the company of others so if your dog isn't sociable, we are happy to accommodate them and exercise them alone - they would have an individual kennel, the same as our regular boarders, so they can sleep and have some alone time, plus they will get 3 walks either in the paddock or through the farm each day. You could even add in an agility session as extra stimulation and fun.

We work hard to ensure every dog in our care feels relaxed and comfortable at Spatchcock.

Are you visiting The Cotswolds on holiday with your dog and want the flexibility to drop them into a kennels for a day here and there while you do non-dog friendly activities?

Doggie day care at Spatchcock Kennels is the perfect answer.

We are open from 7.30 am for drop off through to 6.00 pm for collection in the summer or 5.30pm in winter (times only apply to day care customers) - we can also collect and/or drop home locally for added convenience on a 1st come 1st served basis. We collect and drop around Cirencester, Fairford, Down Ampney and the many villages close by.

Supervised day care is open Monday to Friday but kennelled day care is 7 days a week.

Please note that a trial session would need to be undertaken to ensure the home from home style doggie day care would be suitable for your dog, prior to any regular bookings. All dogs must be neutered as soon as old enough to be able to attend. Alternatively, our kennelled day care doesn't have these restrictions.

You can see how much fun your dog is having by checking out our Facebook page, as we take videos and post regular updates.

As well as full day care, we also offer half day sessions, either a morning or afternoon (collection and drop off service not available for this option).